What are RisPoints?

RisPoints are a quantitative method to track your participation and involvement within Risley.  You can earn them by attending events, holding leadership positions on the hall councils, and much more!  RisPoints are used to determine the housing selection order for the next school year and you also get a cool door dec for being in the top 10!  Below are some helpful resources to help you better understand how you can earn RisPoints.

RisPoint Values

This document shows you the number of RisPoints you earn for completing various tasks.

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RisPoints Calculator

This spreadsheet is an easy way to predict how many RisPoints you will earn throughout the school year.  Carefully read the instructions in the spreadsheet.

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Group RisPoints Form

This form is for programs and events that are held within Risley.  Only the program hosts should submit the form.

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Individual RisPoints Form

This form is for individual contributions and leadership positions within Risley.

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2023-2024 RisPoints Leaderboard

This spreadsheet shows the top 10 leaderboard for RisPoints for the 2023-2024 school year.

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