Risley Amentities

Risley Hall is complete with 41 double rooms, 115 single rooms, 3 kitchens, as well as 15 gender-neutral bathrooms, 2 single gender bathrooms, and 2 individual bathrooms.

No two rooms are identical. Sizes range from a single room that is 93 square feet, to a double room that is 273 square feet, the largest double on campus.

Risley Basement

The basement is home to 11 fine art studios including a Wood Shop, Pottery Studio, Darkroom, and Recording Studio. Visit our Shops page or attend RMASD for more information!

West Ground Floor

  • Tammany Lounge, a coffee lounge for programming and studying.
  • The Great Hall, our own in-house dining hall modeled after The Hall within the Christ Church at Oxford University where the Harry Potter dining scenes were filmed. See our RisDining page for more information!

East Ground Floor

  • A dance studio complete with a mirrored wall, mats, a ballet bar, and a grand piano.
  • Vending Machines, one for snacks and one for drinks. They (usually) take cash, card, and BRBs!
  • A laundry room with six washers and eight dryers, as well as a community iron and ironing board.
  • Risley Theater, An 81-seat black box theater complete with a back-stage space, side-stage entrances, a green room, and a technical booth. Visit our T-Sub page to learn about Risley Theatre!

First Floor

  • CowCliffes Lounge, a room with a large community table and many chairs connected to the large Student Programming Kitchen. Perfect for studying or for food-related programs!
  • The Central Living Room, which is perfect for studying, except for on Sunday Evenings when it hosts Risley's three hall council meetings.
  • The Television Room (TVR), which contains a flat-screen TV with cable rentable BluRay player as well as gaming systems such as a Wii.

Second Floor

Here you'll find our library - with books of every genre, a community computer, a printer, and tables and seating for study.