Risley Traditions

Risley Event Traditions

The hall hosts numerous annual events. For example, on the weekend before Halloween, students host a large costumed dance party called MasqueRave. Since 1991, on the weekend following Halloween, an in-house group, the "Denton Drama Troupe," has hosted a live performance of the Rocky Horror Picture Show in the Great Hall. Because both of these events draw hundreds of people, they generate the revenue that supports smaller projects. Other notable events include themed dinners, such as Harry Potter Night, first organized in 2005 by Risley Resident, Charlene Morales, who was at the time a junior in Industrial and Labor Relations. The event included a menu akin to several beloved dishes, snacks, and drinks such as "butter beer" unique to the Harry Potter film, drawing over 200+ guests.  The event was so beloved by all that it was then decreed a tradition. Another notable tradition is the reading of Handel's Messiah.

Other Traditional Events

  1. Found/Lost Coffee

    Lost/Found Coffee - Found coffee is every Thursday in Tammany, Lost coffee is at a mystery location each week, students must come find the fun! Both Kommittee run programs.

  2. Eat This!

    Wednesdays, students can use up to $50 from programming budget to cook a meal to share with others in Cowcliffes. This did not happen this past year as it is student ran and nobody seemed interested.

  3. Cardboard Castle Battle

    Planned and facilitated by RisOCs, uses boxes from move in to make a huge cardboard castle.

  4. VD Ball

    Valentines Day dance, planned and facilitated by Kommittee.

  1. Scare Me!

    Saturdays at 10:00pm in the CLR, gather around to tell scary stories.

  2. Karaoke Night

    Saturdays at 11:00pm in the TVR, gather around to sing your favorite songs with fellow Risleyites.

  3. Murder Mystery

    An interactive show that revolves around a themed murder mystery. The audience participates to help figure out "who done it?"

  4. Bye Bye BBQ

    Farewell event to celebrate seniors, usually planned by some students from Kommittee and building TD, occurs toward the end of the semester and is in the back courtyard.

Risley Hauntings

Legend says that Prudence Risley, affectionately known as "Auntie Prue," haunts the building, flickering the lights whenever she appears. Some doubt the stories, though, and wonder if these "hauntings" might actually be the result of old wiring and the imaginations of overtired students.