Why Risley?

And more!

How to Get Involved

How to Apply

Application instructions and links can be found at Application Process: New Undergraduate Students and Application Process: Current Undergraduate Students. You will be asked to answer brief essay questions for each community to which you apply.

Program Fee

In addition to the room rate, Risley residents pay a program fee of $100/year to support the many activities and events that define the community.


Bedrooms contain, for each occupant: an extra-long twin bed, a closet and a bureau (or wardrobe/bureau combination), a desk and desk chair, a desk lamp, a wastebasket, recycle bin, and carpet on floors Virgins, Monks, 2nd and 3rd floors. (Eventually all carpet from bedrooms will be removed.)

Out of House Membership

Even if you don't live in Risley, you can still be a great part of our community.

Perks to being an Out of House Member:

Card access to Risley

Added to our Campus Groups page

General use of all our common spaces

Access to programming

Nervous about joining or want to know more? Talk with RHD Jennifer Ivison (jni8@cornell.edu) or email Risley (risley@cornell.edu)