Risley Theatre

Risley Theater was established in 1974 by converting an old ballroom on the ground floor of  Risley Residential College. Today, Risley Theatre acts as both a theatrical production company, producing several productions a semester, and as a student-run theatrical management organization, assembling the rich variety of programming that takes place in Risley Theater each semester. Student Organizations like the Cog Dog Theatre Troupe, the Whistling Shrimp, and Midnight Comedy, just to name a few, perform in Risley Theater. Risley Theatre is a registered student organization at Cornell University. Risley Theatre is funded partially by the Student Activities Funding Commission (SAFC), a part of the Cornell Student Assembly.

Note that Risley Theatre refers to the organization, while Risley Theater refers to the space!

T-Sub (Theatre Subcommittee)

T-Sub is Risley's Hall Council that manages all aspects of Risley Theatre.

To volunteer with Risley Theatre, put on a student production, or use our space, you would work with T-Sub!

Join them on Sunday Evenings in Risley's Central Living Room at 8:00p.

Theater Specs

The theater space includes 81 seats, a back-stage space, side-stage entrances, a green room, a technical booth, and a box office just outside of the theater entrance. The theater has been programmed with standard sound and lighting systems, adaptable to the many productions it hosts. Costumes, sets, and props owned by Risley Theatre are stored in shops in the Risley Sub-basement, and are available for free use by in-house productions and are available for rent by out-of-house productions.

Want to propose a production?

Risley Theatre accepts proposals for productions for its Fall or Spring season during the preceding semester. More information about the proposal process is posted during the proposal period. Proposals are submitted online. Much like proposing an event, you have to provide a description of your production and ask for space and time. You will also need to specify technical requirements (and if you need someone to help you with them), and approximate how much money you will need for costumes, props, etc. It is very helpful to have a specific weekend in mind in which you would like to have your performances. You will have the week preceding your show dates to rehearse in the theater itself. Other rehearsal spaces within Risley can be allocated at Kommittee. If you think directing a play yourself is too much work, audition for one (or be part of the tech crew/pit orchestra) instead!