What are RisPoints?

RisPoints come from being involved in the Risley Community! You can get points from hosting or attending programs, holding leadership positions, painting a mural, and so much more!

RisPoints are used in the housing selection process - they decide the order of time slots for choosing a room. In other words, the more RisPoints you have, the more likely you are to choose a room that you want in Risley!

Scroll Down to see the RisPoints Leaderboard, how to get RisPoints, and how to submit a request for RisPoints!

Get involved in RMASD, Risley Theatre, and/or Kommittee!

Plan or attend programs Risley programs!

Make your mark on Risley by painting a mural!

The RisPoints Leaderboard

Click HERE to see who is in the Top 10 right now!

How Can I Get RisPoints?

Below are the most common ways that you can earn RisPoints. 1 RisPoint is roughly equivelant to 1 hour of engagement or service, so keep in mind that RisPoints can be awarded for special circumstances of hard work not already listed here.


Hosting a (Non-Major) Program 2
Attending a Program 1
Planning a Major Program 15
Attending a Major Program 15
Attending an RA's Office Hours 1
Attending a Faculty Fellow Dinner 1

Risley Shows

Directing a Risley Show 15
Stage Managing a Risley Show 15
Acting in a Risley Show 10
Other Involvement in a Risley Show 1 / hour (10 point cap)


Executing a Risley Mural 3
Assisting in the Execution of a Risley Mural 1
Manual Labor with Heavy Lifting 2 / hour
Manual Labor without Heavy Lifting 1 / hour
Being a RisOC/RisLord 15


Attending a RMASD Meeting 3
Shop Manager .5 / hour
Attending a Shop Manager's Hours 1
Chair 15
Vice President / Shop Liaison 10
Secretary 10
Treasurer 10


Attending a T-Sub Meeting 1
General Manager 10
Financial Manager 10
Technical Director 15
Secretary 10
Publicity Manager 10
Productions Liaison 10
Box Office Manager 5
Costume Shop Manager 5
Set and Prop Shop Manager 5
Webmaster 5


Attending a Kommittee Meeting 1
Member at Large 2
Minister of Letters 15
Minister of Propaganda 5
Assisting with Kommittee Elections 3
Chair aka El Presidente For Life! 15
Parliamentarian 15
Grand Vizier 10
Librarian 5
Technical Director 0
Archivist 5
Wiizard 3
Cage Boss 3
RSC Rep 15

How Do I Submit Requests for RisPoints?

Click HERE for the Group RisPoint Submission Form

The Group RisPoints Form is used to track points for hosts and attendees of group events, meetings, or programs!

If you host a program, you are responsible for submitting this form on behalf of all of your attendees (and to get your double points for hosting)! If you are going to be hosting a lot of group events or weekly programs, I would recommend bookmarking this link.

Click HERE for the Individual Submission Form

The Individual RisPoints Form is used to log RisPoints for individuals' contributions to and involvement in Risley!! You should use this form to get your points for holding any leadership position in Risley.

This form should NOT be used for attendance / hosting of GROUP meetings, events, or programs - see the other form above!! The only exception is Faculty Fellow Dinners, which you should log here.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Abbey Crowley (arc274) or Justin Xu (jx93).