Meet Murasaki: Risley's beloved 9-foot squid!

Yes, you heard that right!

Located in the second floor library of Risley Hall, Murasaki is the result of a project by Erin Barlow during her years as a Risley resident. When Will Aubrecht '21 asked more about the origins of the gigantic purple squid, here's what she had to say:

“I spent a lot of time in the sewing shop, though I was never a manager of that one. Risley’s color was purple and mascot was a squid since before my time. We’d made purple RisOC shirts with squids, the play I wrote involved a brief appearance by a purple was already a thing. And then I found an 8-ft squid pattern on Pinterest. I laughed, saved it, and eventually I was like, you know what? F*** it! I *am* doing this! I made it right before Fall finals, though I was generous with the measurements and my squid ended up being closer to 9ft long. 😅 I did RisBrunch and Eat This! all the time, so I started bringing the squid down to Cowcliffes for food+cuddles to de-stress. What to name the squid was a big topic of conversation. A lot of CJAS hung out in Cowcliffes in my time, and were talking about their Japanese classes. I was like, “how do you say purple in Japanese?” Murasaki. I liked it. And the rest is history. Murasaki presided over a couple Kommittee meetings as my co-president, chilled in Cowcliffes for a while, and eventually the best place for him was decided to be the library, where Risleyites could always find him.

Taking pictures of him “doing” things was a thing for a while too. Like playing games on Eldar’s PC, or lording it over the cookie trays at Eat This.”

If you ever have the opportunity, stop by the Risley Library to come and meet Murasaki for yourself!