Being A Part of Risley!

So, you've scrolled through our website and seen some of the amazing things that Risley has to offer that you want to take part in! But how, exactly? Scroll down to find out more about being involved as a resident or even out of house!

Out-of-House Membership | Any individual with a Cornell ID card may apply for Out-Of-House (OOH) Membership by emailing RHD Quin at

Studio Fees | We allow community members to use the Risley Shops for a fee decided on a case-by-case basis! Email RHD Quin for more details.

New Risleyites! | Are you a new Cornell admit, or a Cornellian looking to live in Risley for the first time? Once housing applications come out, in the fall for returning Cornellians or spring for new admits, you can apply for Risley in your housing portal! This will give you the opportunity to write several detailed paragraphs about your interests, and why you want to join our community.

Reapplying to Risley? | To live in Risley for the next year, our current residents may re-apply for housing during the late fall and early spring semesters, following deadlines from the Housing Office. You will also have the opportunity to write out several detailed paragraphs about your current involvement in the Risley community, and why you want to return for the next year.