Risley Residential College

For the Creative and Performing Arts

Hello and Welcome to The Castle!

The Risley Residential College for the Creative and Performing Arts is a North Campus Program House for all undergraduates! In Risley there is special and unique way in which we go about building a creative, immersive, and inclusive environment in which all have the ability to strive and be successful.

Those that choose Risley are affectionally referred to as Risleyites who have an appreciation for the arts in all kinds of creative mediums. Additionally, those that do not call Risley home have various abilities to be involved through Out of House Membership and RMASD Members.

Risley is unique because our community is led by resident initiatives. We have a myriad of student volunteers leading three hall councils, six annual major programs, and weekly social programs.

Facilities include an 81-seat black box theater, 12 creative shops, a library, a dance studio, Tammany coffee lounge, and Risley Dining Hall to name a few.

Risley In Hall Features

Listed below are some of the many features that Risley has to offer.

  • 41 double rooms
  • 115 single rooms
  • Four kitchens (one on each floor)
  • Fifteen gender neutral bathrooms, two single gender bathrooms, and two individual bathrooms
  • Three common spaces on the first floor
  • A library for quiet study
  • A dance studio complete with a mirrored wall, mats, a ballet bar, and a grand piano
  • Tammany Lounge, a coffee lounge for programming and studying
  • Various creative studios shops including a Wood Shop, Pottery Studio, Darkroom, and Stained Glass Studio.
  • 81-seat black box theater
  • 6-8 major programs, such as "Masquerave," A Rocky Horror shadow production, an open reading of Handel's "Messiah," "VD Ball," "A Wizard's Feast,", "Murder Mystery", "Rennisaunce Fair", and "Bye Bye Barbecue"
  • Roughly 7 weekly programs including "Lost Coffee," "Eat This!," "Risbrunch," "Found Coffee" and "Goth Night"