Examples of Townhouse Layouts

It is impossible to easily show every configuration of townhouse layouts because almost every single unit is slightly different. Hopefully, these pictures will show a couple examples and will have more general information in the text below the picture.

Basic Information:

  • Most townhouses have two bedrooms (2 townhouses have 3 bedrooms)
  • Most townhouses are two levels with the living room/kitchen/dining room on the first floor and the bedrooms and bathrooms on the 2nd floor
  • Some single level units
  • All bedrooms are doubles
  • Each townhouse has a kitchen (full-size refrigerator and stove are provided)
  • Dining area with table and chairs
  • Living room (sectional couch, side tables, coffee table, and lamps are provided)
  • Bathroom with either a shower or bathtub and dual vanity (there is a separate room for the toilet) - shower curtains are provided
  • The Townhouses have air conditioning (heat as well, in case you were worried)
  • Vacuums are available to be loaned out from the Townhouse Community Center
  • There are 80 townhouse units in total

Be sure to check out the tips at the bottom of the page.

Two Level Townhouse (most common)

Living Room and Kitchen

This shows the living room and kitchen with the kitchen in the center of the first floor. The sectional couch comes in three sections so you can arrange your space how you want it.

Living Room

This is another angle of the same townhouse to show the living room area.

Dining Area

Each unit comes with a dining table and chairs. You can use it to eat and build relationships with your roommates or as an additional study area if you need to spread out.

Front Entry

This is another example of a two-level unit. This one has the kitchen at the front and a combined living room/dining room area.


This is the same townhouse with the kitchen at the front of the unit. Most kitchens have some sort of pantry/closet, which can be seen on the right side of the picture.

Dining/Living Room

This is the same townhouse with the kitchen at the front of the unit. This is just a better view of the dining room and living room areas.

Upstairs Hallway

In the two level units the bedrooms are located at the front and back of the townhouse with the bathroom between them in the middle.


Each townhouse has a bathroom with double sink vanity and a separate toilet room. This makes it convenient when you are living with four people if someone is taking a shower and you have to use the toilet.


Based on the layout of the townhouse the bedrooms can vary slightly in dimensions. Most are approximately 11' by 15'. There is plenty of room for two of each bed, closet, dresser, and desk.


Beds come "lofted" at the highest level. The top of the mattress is approximately 40". The underside of the bed frame is approximately 30". Often people will put their dresser under the bed and if you need additional drawer space there is plenty of room for plastic organizers. Bed risers are allowed as long as they are not the kind that have a power cord (this is viewed as an extension cord and not allowed)

Water Heater

Every townhouse is slightly different. In some of them the water heater for the unit is in one of the closets. Per fire code, combustible items (cardboard boxes, clothes, etc) cannot be too close to the hot water heater. We recommend that you keep approximately two feet of clearance around the tank.


Each resident has their own wardrobe/closet. It is approximately 22" deep by 36" wide, and it is 50" from the bottom to the hanging bar.


Each resident has their own three drawer dresser. The top two drawers are approximately 26"W by 20"D by 5"H. The bottom drawer is 26"W by 20"D by 10"H. When the bed is fully lofted the dresser fits under it.

Single Level Townhouse

Living Room and Kitchen

All of the townhouses are carpeted in the living room and bedrooms. There is vinyl/tile flooring at the front door, kitchen, and bathrooms.

Closet/Storage Space

Each townhouse has at least one large closet in the living room. Some of them have a hot water heater in them, which you will need to avoid placing items against if it is in the closet.


This shows the dining area on the left, the kitchen on the right, and the hallway and bedroom straight ahead.


The kitchens have a lot of storage space. Kitchens are deep cleaned by Building Care staff over the winter break but you should be cleaning on a regular basis as well.


This shows the hallway connecting the two bedrooms and the bathroom area.


Bathrooms are cleaned by Building Care staff once a month. You will receive a schedule of those days at the beginning of the semester. You will need to remove all items from the counter and shower on those days so that all the surfaces can be cleaned. You should be cleaning on your own regularly between the monthly cleanings.

Toilet Room

The separate toilet makes it convenient when sharing the townhouse with others so you don't have to wait if someone is in the shower.


  • The living rooms and bedrooms have picture hanging rails. If you take advantage of them and avoid the hooks you attach to the walls you can decrease the likelihood of getting charged for paint damage when you move out. Here is a link to some on Amazon
  • We provide toilet paper and trash bags for you for free. It isn't amazing toilet paper, but it is a lot better than most public bathroom toilet paper.
  • Know what is not allowed to be in your townhouse based on the fire code.
  • Keep clearance around the water heater to avoid a fire safety violation. State Fire Marshals conduct at least one inspection during the academic year.

More tips coming soon!