Townhouse Community

Welcome to the Townhouse Community! The Townhouse Community is unique in the undergraduate housing at Cornell in providing an apartment-style living that fosters independence and growth. The staff who work in the Townhouses is dedicated to providing an open and inclusive experience for all who pass through our community. Currently, there are first-year students, transfer students, and sophomore students living in the townhouses.

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About Us

The Townhouse Community is a residential community on North Campus of Cornell University. The student population consists of first-year, sophomore, and transfer students.

What we offer in the Townhouse Community Center

The Townhouses have a lot of perks to living here, one of which is the amazing Community Center and all that it has to offer inside.

Mailing to the Townhouses

Receiving mail is fun and everyone loves getting stuff. Check this page for info on how to send mail and packages to people in the Townhouses









Our Team

Kristi Shorter Profile

Kristi Shorter

Scott Voss Profile

Scott Voss

Abha Razdan-Huckoo Profile

Abha Razdan-Huckoo

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Kelly Kuehn

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Kristen Ciferri

Amadou Fofana Profile

Amadou Fofana

Kath Fenzel Profile

Kath Fenzel

Abby Priehs Profile

Abby Priehs

Director of Residential Life
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Brandee Nicholson

Assistant Director