Townhouse Community

Welcome to the Campus Groups page for the Townhouse Community. Use the menu at the top of the page to navigate to get to know more about our RA, RHD, and Faculty who are involved with the community.

We have our very own Faculty-in-Residence (FIR), Noliwe Rooks. She and her family live in a townhouse with the rest of the community, and she works with the RAs and Faculty Fellows to create events to help students connect ideas they learn in the classroom to real life.

Check the Events page for upcoming programs in the community. Lastly, check out the news page for important information.

We are still working to create all of the content for this page, so make sure to check back as we add more!

About Us

The Townhouse Community is a residential community on North Campus of Cornell University. The student population consists of first year students.

What we offer in the Townhouse Community Center

The Townhouses have a lot of perks to living here, one of which is the amazing Community Center and all that it has to offer inside.

Mailing to the Townhouses

Receiving mail is fun and everyone loves getting stuff. Check this page for info on how to send mail and packages to people in the Townhouses









Our Team

Toyosi Elemo
Matthew Hoskins
Scott Voss
Residence Hall Director
Tianke Zhao
Cole DeMeulemeester
Resident Advisor
Gulnara Sadowski
Resident Advisor
Jamelia Joseph Hughsam
Resident Advisor
Luke Detlor
Resident Advisor
Leah Ham
Resident Advisor
Shemar Christian
Resident Advisor