Mailing to the Townhouses

Mail is delivered to the Service Center at RPCC. To have something mailed to a resident of the Townhouses use the following format:

Your name, NetID
Your room, your community
Ithaca, NY 14853

Alexis Rose, acr1
A18 Townhouse Apartments
Ithaca, NY 14853

I suggest putting the "apartments' as part of the name because the USPS does not always recognize just Townhouses as a valid address. The two most important parts is the correct zip code. "14853" is unique to Cornell's campus so even if the room is wrong or you change rooms, the zip code will make sure that it gets to campus. Your NetID is also important because you will receive an email when you receive mail and the service center staff needs your NetID to easily send the email.

*If you experience the post office saying that they need a street address, use 57 Northcross Rd as the 2nd line, but still include your townhouse number and NetID.

**Do not have items shipped to RPCC before August 10

***If you are using Big Red Shipping to have items delivered to your room before the start of the semester, please follow their instructions for how to have those boxes shipped.