Student E-Board

Who We Are

The TIP student Executive-Board connects all components of the program through administrative and logistical management.

If you are a student interested in joining our Executive-Board, please feel free to email at for more information.


Our Student Executive-Board

Laura Schroeder
Faculty Chair in-training
Esteban Lopez
Joyce Muchan
Kelly Wu
Faculty Chair
Yan Zhu
Volunteer Coordinator in-training
Paola Aguirre
Incident Coordinator in-training
Adam Wang
Event Chair in-training
Annie Li
Publicity Chair
Brandon Regalado
Treasurer in-training
Cole Horvath
Volunteer Coordinator
Dana Slayton
Event Planning Chair
Jordine Williams
Organizational Chair, Incident Coordinator
Lucy Lee
Co-President, Senior Incident Coordinator
Pearl Ngai
Educational Chair
Skiva Wang
Co-Faculty Chair
Susanna Yang
Senior Agency Chair
Xiaotong Chen
Co-President, Senior Incident Coordinator
Yuhsin Huang
Agency Chair