Translator-Interpreter Program

The Translator-Interpreter Program (TIP) is a student-run program of the Cornell Public Service Center that trains bilingual and multilingual Cornell students to serve as volunteer translators/interpreters for community agencies in emergency and non-emergency situations.

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Volunteer Training Sessions

Are you a bilingual or multilingual Cornell student? Do you want to use your language skills to serve community agencies in emergency and non-emergency situations?

If so, then attend a Volunteer Training Session to start your process on becoming a volunteer translator and/or interpreter for TIP!

During the Volunteer Training Session, we will provide you with training on how our program works and how to become a volunteer.

After you complete our Volunteer Training Session and sign our Volunteer Contract, you will then be allowed to take a certification exam with a TIP-associated language professor at Cornell to certify your proficiency.

Interested in TIP?

We are always looking to work with new students, faculty, and community agencies


Are you a bilingual or multilingual Cornell student? Consider becoming a volunteer translator and/or interpreter

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Do you provide services and are you in need of translation or interpretation? Consider registering with our program as an agency.

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Are you interested in certifying our volunteers' language abilities? Consider registering with our program as an agency.

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Quiet Influence Award

The Translator Interpreter Program is proud and grateful to announce that we were awarded the Cornell University 2021 Student and Campus Life Diversity and Inclusion Quiet Influence Award.

This award is presented to an undergraduate student organization that exhibits significant effort in the area of diversity and inclusion by building up or influencing others. We are honored to accept this award. However, we could not have won this award without the dedication and support of Cornell language faculty members, student volunteers, staff, and community members who all work together to bring greater language equity to the Tompkins County community and beyond. Thank you to everyone who makes our social justice mission possible.

TIP Founder Fatema Sumar and Angelika Kraemer talk Language Access, Equity

This video is a recording from our April 7th, 2021 event "A Critical Exploration of Language Access and Equity with Fatema Sumar and Angelika Kraemer". Fatema Sumar '01 is the President Biden-appointed Vice President of the Department of Compact Operations for the Millennium Challenge Corporation as well as the founder of the Translator Interpreter Program. Angelika Kraemer is the Director of the Language Resource Center at Cornell University and an affiliated Senior Lecturer in the Department of German Studies. In this event, we discussed the importance and global implications of language learning through Fatema’s and Angelika’s professional experiences.

Our Numbers

Here's how TIP is making an impact on our community to bridge language and cultural barriers over the past year.


Students trained during our Volunteer Training Sessions


Participating Cornell language faculty members


Different languages provided for service