Black Lives Matter

TIP E-Board Statement of Solidarity

with the Black Lives Matter Movement

To Friends, Family, Allies, and Beyond:

We at the Cornell University Translator Interpreter Program (T.I.P.) stand in solidarity with the Black Community, the Black Lives Matter movement, and all those fighting against the racial injustices present in our country today. Now, more than ever, it is imperative for us to be vocal about our collective dedication to racial justice and to build a future where equity is the norm, not the rare exception.

As members of T.I.P., we place value in service learning, community-centered activism, and open cross-cultural communication. Our mission is to bridge language and cultural barriers while building mutual understanding and community trust, and this would be impossible without a diverse membership base. Today and every day, our work strives to honor the beauty in what makes each of us different. We hope to continue to not only engage in constructive dialogue within our local community about social justice and human rights issues, but to also take tangible steps towards elevating BIPOC voices and experiences that are too often silenced or hidden. This includes educating ourselves, donating our financial resources, devoting our time to advocacy in times beyond the present, and protesting either physically or digitally.

Each and every one of us at T.I.P. recognizes our unique position as an organization whose social justice work relies on the talents of people from diverse cultural backgrounds. As such, we are steadfast in our commitment to both active inclusion and equity of access to community resources. Today, we are proud to share a compilation of resources, both educational and action-based, with our friends, families, and followers. We hope that what we share will help others process and understand the background of current events, thus enabling all of us to give effective support to those who need it. You can find and access these resources below--please note that we will continue to add to this list in an effort to help ourselves and others remain up to date as we engage with the news and those around us. We are working to publish what we have sourced on our website soon.

Cornell University T.I.P. board members will commit ourselves to fighting for justice in any and all ways we are able.

Rest in Power, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and Tony McDade. Rest in Power to the many loved ones we have lost to systemic injustice and violence.

In solidarity,

The Cornell University Translator Interpreter Program Executive Board

June 2020

Translated BLM Statements

Below are TIP volunteer translated TIP Statements and resource lists

Racial Equity Resources

Below are educational and action-based resourced sorted by our Student E-board. As we at TIP continue to educate ourselves through conversation and critical thinking, we hope that these readings and videos will also help you remain engaged and informed about current events, as well as teach you how continue to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

This organization is a registered student organization of Cornell University.