Low Rise 6 & 7

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About Us

Low Rise 6 & 7 is first-year residential community on Cornell University's beautiful North Campus.  It is conveniently located by the Robert Purcell Community Center (RPCC). Although these are two separate buildings, Low Rise residents have access to both Low Rise 6 and 7 - it's one community! Our live-in professionals are Professor Catherine Appert (Faculty in Residence, Music Department) and Liz Radman (Residence Hall Director).









Building Information

Both Low Rise 6 and 7 have a main lounge with a flat screen television and seating for students to relax, socialize, and study. Each Low Rise main lounge is equipped with air conditioning. Each building also has on-site laundry (washers & dryers) that can be accessed with your Cornell ID card. Laundry rooms have ironing boards and irons available for use.

Each Low Rise building consists of four units. Every unit has a shared study lounge and kitchen equipped with a refrigerator, microwave, and stove/oven. Within each unit there are six suites- each suite consists of a double room, two single rooms, and a triple. Each suite has a shared bathroom and closet where student may store winter jackets, shoes, etc.

For each room, every student has a desk and chair, wardrobe, trash can/recycling bin, and a bed. For triples, there will always be one lofted bed and two bunked beds. For specific questions about room dimensions and measurements, please contact the Cornell Housing Office at housing@cornell.edu