Faculty-In-Residence Events: Fall 2022

Sunday, August 21 | 7-9 PM

Meet Your FIRst Professor

How are you feeling about the first day of classes?

Join FIR Stephanie for a conversation about what to expect, creating good relationships with professors and TAs, managing time commitments, and whatever else is on your mind.

I'll also share how I stay calm on the first day of classes - professors get anxious too!

FIR Apartment, LR7 # 7307

Saturday, August 27 | 1-3 PM

Ice Cream Social with LR 6&7 Fellows

Enjoy a sweet treat and get the scoop on the Low Rises Fellows! Stop by and say hello to FIR Stephanie and Fellows Cate Thompson, Ben Ortiz, and Sarah Hormozi!

Low Rises Courtyard (rain location: LR7 Main Lounge

Saturday, September 3 | 12-3 PM

Ithaca Farmers Market

Join FIR Stephanie for an afternoon at the Ithaca Farmers Market at Steamboat Landing. Transportation is provided. Spots are limited - sign up with Campus Groups!

Meet in LR7 Lobby

Sunday, September 4 | 1-2 PM

Study Skills Workshop

Start your semester strong with study skills and time management tips from FIR Stephanie and student facilitators from the Learning Strategies Center!

Bring your course Syllabi and learn how to schedule your semester for success! Monthly and weekly planning calendars provided.

LR7 Lounge

Sunday, September 18 | 2-4 PM

Succulent Planting

Pick out a succulent plant and get your hands dirty with FIR Stephanie and student leaders from the Cornell Botanic Gardens Horticultural Enterprise Team!

LR7 Main Lounge

Saturday, October 2 | 1-2 PM

Prelim Prep Workshop

How do I work more efficiently? Get more sleep? Prepare better for prelims? Manage procrastination and distractions? Write papers without pulling all-nighters?

If you've ever asked yourself these questions, then our Prelim Prep Workshop is for you! FIR Stephanie and student facilitators from the Learning Strategies Center will give you practical tips on how to perform better and get more done with less stress.

LR7 Main Lounge

Saturday, October 15 | 8-10 PM

Stargazing with FIR Stephanie at Fuertes Observatory

"The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself." - Carl Sagan

Join FIR Stephanie for an evening at the Fuertes Observatory. Members of the Cornell Astronomical Society will give us a behind-the-scenes tour of the facility. We'll learn about Cornell's long tradition of astronomic research, the role Fuertes Observatory played, and what current research is underway.

If the skies are clear, we'll even have a special opportunity for some stargazing through the Porter Church telescope!

Meet in LR7 Lobby

Saturday, October 22 | 1-3 PM

Johnson Museum of Art

Join FIR Stephanie for a self-guided tour of the museum. Visit the Asian and Pacific collection, explore the Decorative Arts collection, and enjoy the Modern & Contemporary collection. There's something for everyone at the Johnson Museum!

Participants can take TCAT from Low Rise 7 to the museum with FIR Stephanie, or walk to the museum with an RA Group Leader.

Meet in LR7 Lobby

Sunday, November 6 | 1-3 PM

Pre-Enroll and Shopping for Spring Classes

What is pre-enroll? How to I register for the Spring classes I want? How do I know what classes are right for me?

Join FIR Stephanie and the RAs for tips on how to pre-enroll, how to shop for and choose courses, what to do if you can't get in to a class, and tips for creating a backup plan.

FIR Apartment, LR7, #7307

Tuesday, November 8 | 6-10 PM

Dinner and Election Returns Watch Party

FIR Stephanie will be hosting a dinner from 6-7 PM, followed by an election results party from 7-10 PM. Come for the dinner, drop in to check the election results, and chat about what's happening.

Residents are welcome to attend all or a portion of this event - you're welcome to choose your level of engagement and how long you want to stay.

FIR Apartment, LR7, #7307

Sunday, November 20 | 1-2 PM

Finish Strong - Tips and Techniques for Finals Season

Join FIR Stephanie and student facilitators from the Learning Strategies Center as they walk you through creating a "home stretch" calendar and a Five Day Study Plan and share tips on time management, stress management, and self-care.

LR7 Lounge

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