Staff Decriptions

Residence Hall Director

What's an RHD?

The Residence Hall Director (RHD) is a full time, live-in professional staff member.  RHDs are not students. The RHD is responsible for the long range planning as well as day-to-day operations of the building, and is the Dickson and McLLU representative to its parent organizations (Housing and Residence Life, Student Campus Life, and Cornell University.)

Resident Advisors

What's an RA?

The RAs are live-in student staff members who have gone through extensive training to work in undergraduate residence halls.  Areas of training incluide: educational programming, counseling, referrals, and crisis management. The Dickson/McLLU Complex has 17 RAs, and you may go to any of them if you have questions or problems. There is an RA on call every night of the week and on the weekends to respond to any emergencies in the building. The RAs will be some of the first people you meet upon moving into the Dickson/McLLU Complex. They are here because they care about you and want your experience to be as successful and positive as possible.

Dickson Hall and McLLU also have resident advisor(s) who are CORE RAs. "CORE RA" stands for COmmunity and REspect Resident Advisor.

The CORE RA program is comprised of a select group of resident advisors from each residential community. They receive on-going training designed to help them craft a critical lens, and become cognizant of aspects within our society that nuance sexual violence and bias. In turn, they actively engage their peers to help them become more aware of these issues. They also inform the students of the many supportive campus and community resources that are available to assist individuals that have been impacted by any form of sexual misconduct. Through programming students learn how to cultivate healthy relationships in intentional ways, and how to be an active bystander within their communities.


What's a Faculty-in-Residence?

North Campus Faculty-in-Residence play a fundamental role in the North Campus living-learning community, helping to create a shared experience and supportive environment that fosters academic and intellectual learning, personal development, holistic well-being, and a sense of belonging and connectedness. While Faculty-in-Residence are pivotal to each of these dimensions, Faculty-in-Residence play a leadership role in the dimension of learning.

Faculty Fellows

What are Faculty Fellows?

A Faculty Fellow's primary responsibility is to provide students in their residential community with opportunities to explore and cultivate the students' academic, intellectual, and cultural interests. To accomplish this, Faculty Fellows work closely with the Faculty-in-Residence, if the community has one; the Residence Hall Director (RHD); and potentially other Faculty Fellows.