About Clara Dickson Hall

EST. 1946

Clara Dickson Hall is a colonial style building.  It was named after Clara Dickson, the mother of Cornell's first president Andrew Dickson White. Originally an all female residence hall, it was designed to complement Balch Hall's courtyard setup, as part of the north campus master plan of the time. However, with the sudden increase of students attending the college in the 1950s, the building became co-ed. Today, Clara Dickson Hall is still known as a co-ed first year community. It houses mostly singles, but does include doubles and triples throughout the building. From an aerial view, Clara Dickson Hall is shaped as a C, while Balch Hall is shaped as a U. In addition, Clara Dickson Hall is a historic building in the City of Ithaca along with being the biggest residential hall in the Ivy League system.

About Multicultural Living Learning Unit

McLLU is a community who prides itself in being a global community of backgrounds and ethnicities, all committed to celebrating difference and promoting acceptance. McLLU focuses on diversity in all forms, including race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, physical ability, religion, and more.

A critical part of the McLLU community is academic and social programming. All residents are invited to participate in several established McLLU programs including "McLLUnity Nights," led by residents, Cornell faculty, and staff on topics about identity, activism, expression, current events, and culture. Additional events are put on collaboratively with the other Program Houses and residence halls.The McLLU community also organizes occasional trips off campus. In the past, McLLU has traveled to New York City, Philadelphia, PA and Washington D.C.

McLLU was founded in 1991 by a group of administrators and students who both valued a community where they could learn from a culturally eclectic group of peers, and create a home where everyone would be welcome to share ideas, values, and experiences. This theme of open-mindedness has endured: residents continue to create an inclusive and socially just community that meets the diverse needs of a global student body.

McLLU was originally housed on west campus until 1999 or 2000 when it moved to north campus within Clara Dickson Hall. Today, the first and second floors of the "6 side" in Clara Dickson Hall is home to the Multicultural Living Learning Unit, known as McLLU.