Both Dickson & McLLU Amenities

What is unique about Dickson Hall is no room is standard in the building! The building consist of mostly singles, but there are doubles and triples too.

All rooms on the 3rd and 4th floors are the most standard in the building. Below are room dimensions provided by housing. Our 1st, 2nd, and 5th floors vary by sizes, specifically for the 5th floor rooms have dormer ceilings. All measurements are approximate!

Single: 9'x12'

Double: 12'X13'

Triple: 12'x18'

Windows: 53"X72"

Rooms besides the 5th floor due to dormer ceilings are 8 ft tall overall

Below are additional misc. information of the layout within Clara Dickson Hall and Multicultural Living Learning Unit.

• Some rooms have built in closets, while others do not. Rooms without build-in closets have wardrobes within them (see room furniture photo album).

• Our 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors are run on breaker circuit, which mean there is no ceiling lights in the room. You will have to bring a standing floor lamp for lighting in the room (no spider lamps).

• Our 1st and 2nd floors are a mix of having ceiling lights and being on a circuit breaker system.

• Our 5th floor has dormer ceilings.

• Beds are all raised style beds.

Community Kitchens

Each floor has two community kitchens with one kitchen being on the 5 side and one kitchen on the six side of the floor. Each kitchen comes with a community fridge, toaster, oven, stove top, microwave, and four seat table. We do not provide community pots or pans. You are welcome to bring your own personal pots and pans. We ask that you clean up after yourself after kitchen use.

Community Lounges

The 5 side and 6 side of the building on the 3rd, 4th, and 5th floors are divided with a large lounge. The space includes a community TV with basic television channels, couches, and several study tables in the space. On the 2nd floor there are two large lounges one being the rec lounge on 2-6, which includes a ping pong table and piano. There are some study tables in that space too! The lounge on the 2-5 side is known as our study lounge. The larger part of the lounge houses several large study tables, but off of the large area is a smaller lounge, which includes sofa seating and a TV.


Murals throughout the building give Dickson and McLLU unique character. If you are interested in painting a mural in either Dickson or McLLU, please reach out to your RHD to learn how to start the process in having an outlet for your creativity!

McLLU Amenities

McLLU is a close-knit family oriented community. During though McLLU is immersed in Clara Dickson Hall as a member of McLLU they have their own community spaces.

• Gendered neutral bathrooms (2 on 1-6, 1 on 2-6)

• McLLU Living Room (located on 1-6)

• McLLU TV Lounge (located on 2-6)

• Kitchens (located on 1-6 and 2-6)

• McLLU Library (located on 1-6)

• Shared Bike Room with Clara Dickson (located on 1-6)

• Overhead lighting on 1-6, but NO overhead lighting on 2-6 (please bring a standing lamp)

• Shared recreation lounge on 2-6 that includes a table tennis and piano