Our Team

Alena Reed
Sydney Evans
Chloe Adeleke
DJ Green
Justin McLeod
Jesusla Sinfort
Shelby Williams
Jacob Johnson
Kelli Williams
Sydney Gates
LeiLani Lattimore

Meet The Team!

Keep reading to learn a little more about the Residential Staff members at Ujamaa Residential College

Chike Iwuagwu - Unit 1 RA

Major: Biological Sciences


Jallissa Elias- Residence Hall Director

I am the Residence Hall Director for the Ujamaa Residentaial Hall.


I am very excited to welcome all prospective students to our lovely residence hall! As RHD, my job is to supervise our lovely RAs, as we work together to guide our residents throughout their Cornell journey. My passion is developing ways for students who hold marginalized identities to have positive experiences in higher education. My roots are grounded in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and were raised in the beautiful city of Denver, Colorado.

I do hope Ujamaa serves as a place where you can live life like it is golden and make life long friends as you do so. If you need to chat, a resource, talk about spirituality, traveling, food, music, or anything else- I am here and I cannot wait to meet you all!

Kelli Wiliams - Unit 2 RA

Major: Government


Sydney Gates - Unit 3 RA

Major: Economics & Sociology


Jacob Johsnon- Interim Residence Hall Director

I am the Interim Residence Hall Director for the Ujamaa Residence Hall for this semester and the current RHD for Just About Music


Please send me an email if you ever want to talk!

Alena Reed - Unit 4 RA

Major: Fiber Science and Apparel Design


Leilani Lattimore- Office Coordinator

I am the Student Office Coordinator for the  Ujamaa Residence Hall

Major: Double Major in Biology & Society and Philosophy



As Office Coordinator I work directly with our RHD. I help with the administrative tasks that keep Uj running. This can be anything from Room Requests to filing receipts for events held here to analyzation of the budget. I have lived in Uj for 2 years and next year will make a 3rd. I love Uj because to live here is to know a true sense of community and support.