Our Team

Brooke Bernard
Jasmine Scott
Victoria Taylor
Lammi Adem
Sydney Gates
LeiLani Lattimore
Athena Scott
William Henderson
Jallissa Elias
Joshua Sims
Christina Walker Robinson

Meet The Team!

Keep reading to learn a little more about the Residential Staff members at Ujamaa Residential College

Athena Scott- Core RA (Unit 4)

I am the Core RA/ Unit 4 RA for Ujamaa Residence Hall

Major: Biology & Society in CALS


My first semester as a RA was mid-year, but I did my best to serve the community as a resource and as a supporter. What I found in Uj is that even though it was my job to provide that support, the people in Uj provided me with it as well. Even though I was new, I quickly found that people were looking out for me the same amount that I was looking out for them. The community in this building is amazing and I am grateful to have found it.

Jallissa Elias- Residence Hall Director

I am the Residence Hall Director for the Ujamaa Residentaial Hall.


I am very excited to welcome all prospective students to our lovely residence hall! As RHD, my job is to supervise our lovely RAs, as we work together to guide our residents throughout their Cornell journey. My passion is developing ways for students who hold marginalized identities to have positive experiences in higher education. My roots are grounded in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and were raised in the beautiful city of Denver, Colorado.

I do hope Ujamaa serves as a place where you can live life like it is golden and make life long friends as you do so. If you need to chat, a resource, talk about spirituality, traveling, food, music, or anything else- I am here and I cannot wait to meet you all!

William Henderson- Unit 2 RA & Uj Community Council Advisor

I am the Unit 2 Residential Advisor for Ujamaa

Major: International Agriculture and Rural Development in CALS


This historic place has and always will be sort of a central hub where students of the diaspora can come and discuss the unique similarities and differences that make us who we are. As an African American, there aren't many people who I've met with a similar upbringing, but this building has allowed me to connect with my fellow classmates on a deeper basis than going to the same high school ever could.

Joshua Sims- Unit 1 RA & Community Wellness and Culture Liaison

I am the Unit 1 RA for Ujamaa Residence Hall

Major: Industrial Labor Relations


I put on programs to address and discuss the culture of Ujamaa and the African Diaspora. I am always ready to lend an ear and listen to those who need to talk. I love Uj because of it’s community. There is no where else on campus where you can find a dorm where everyone is so open and willing to talk to each other. You meet a new friend everyday Ujamaa.

Lammi Adem- Interim Residence Hall Director

I am the Interim Residence Hall Director for the Ujamaa Residence Hall for this semester and the current RHD for Mary Donlon Hall


I am from Denver, CO where I completed my bachelor's degree in Sociology from the University of Denver in 2013. Afterwards, I worked for AmeriCorps programs focused on math education in turnaround schools in Denver. From there, I went on to get my masters in Higher Education Administration from Syracuse University in 2017.

Prior to coming to Cornell University, I was a Residence Life Coordinator at University of California Merced. I love to read and watch movies, but I'm seldom up to date with the latest movies out.

My favorite TV shows are mostly crime shows and sitcoms: Criminal Minds, NCIS, Big Bang Theory-

Please stop by my office if you ever want to talk!

Sydney Gates- Unit 3 RA &  Faculty and Alumni Liaison

I am the Unit 3 Residential Advisor for Ujamaa

Major: Economics in the College of Arts & Sciences


My job is to ensure the safety, comfortableness and happiness of my residents while they’re in the hall. As Faculty Liaison, I try to bridge the gap between students and faculty allowing them to connect with each other on a personal level outside the academic setting. My favorite thing about being in Ujamaa is being able to connect with people similar to me but also learning about their background and differences. Though everyone in Ujamaa shares a common interest, it’s still such a diverse place which I love.

Christina Walker-Robinson- Media and Lab Coordinator

I am the Media and Lab Coordinator for Ujamaa Residence Hall

Major: Industrial Labor Relations (Concentration- Law and Human Resource Management)


I manage the Ujamaa Residential College social media accounts (Facebook & Instagram ). I edited and finalized the website for the Residence Hall. I also am responsible for managing the computer lab in the building.

I honestly feel like I owe the work I do to Ujamaa -- I never felt so welcome in a space of strangers before. I am SO socially awkward at times, but even in those times people wait to hear what I have to say, even if it takes me a minute to get it out. People here genuinely care what you have to say and how you are holding up in competitive Cornell. I SWEAR that's the best feeling in the world...

Leilani Lattimore- Office Coordinator

I am the Student Office Coordinator for the  Ujamaa Residence Hall

Major: Double Major in Biology & Society and Philosophy



As Office Coordinator I work directly with our RHD. I help with the administrative tasks that keep Uj running. This can be anything from Room Requests to filing receipts for events held here to analyzation of the budget. I have lived in Uj for 2 years and next year will make a 3rd. I love Uj because to live here is to know a true sense of community and support.

Sosna Gellaw- Archivist

I am the Archivist for the Ujamaa Residence Hall

Major: Biology & Society


I handle old materials, storing them over the long-term based on an organizational system that provides efficient retrieval. I also work closely with Cornell Libraries to store information within the archives to be more accessible to the public. I like Ujamaa because it is a space with so many people with various backgrounds and experiences. It's so interesting to see all of that come together to celebrate the diaspora as a community.