Community Features

Ujamaa Community Council

Hall Council, known as the Ujamaa Community Council, is a group of residents who elected by their peers to represent the community by keeping the residents informed of residence hall, campus and Residential Student Congress (RSC) activities and issues.

In addition, the Hall Council is responsible for the coordinating, planning, and implementation of education, social, cultural, and recreational programming within the residence hall, in collaboration with the residential life staff and faculty associated with Ujamaa Residential College.

Environmental Initiatives

Ujamaa also has a mission to be as eco-friendly as possible. We take recycling very seriously and have "bring your own plate" events to try and reduce environmental waste from Styrofoam and plastic eating utensils.

Diversity and Inclusion

Ujamaa believes that diversity and inclusion is a universal concept- not just for the workplace.  We want to create a community that is physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy. This starts with the education of people in all realms of diversity- not just the diversity in our shades.

Ujamaa hosts numerous events regarding inclusive topics on a spectrum: from race to gender identity to mental health and wellness. We aim to cover anything and everything. We also aim for active engagement in these community events, because existing diversity is insufficient on its own; it is when you interact and learn from diverse experiences that you begin to make a lasting impact.