Toni Trustees Hall Council

Each community on North Campus has a hall council that is for and made up of the residents of that community. Here in Toni Morrison Hall, we have the Toni Trustees!

Executive Board

Our Hall Council has an executive board made up of two co-presidents, secretary, treasurer, two Residential Student Congress (RSC) representatives, and between one and three unit representatives. This board holds elections at the start of the fall semester and is open to all Toni Morrison residents interested in running. Learn more about our current board members below!

Khadija Rashid


Madison Yang


Italivi Diaz


Gloria Geng


Jada Mbugua

RSC Representative

Denise Rose

RSC Representative

Alexandra Rodriguez

Beloved Unit Representative

MahNoor Abbas

Beloved Unit Representative

Eman Abdu

Paradise Unit Representative

Kyrah Barnett

Tar Baby Representative

Audrey Pinard

Sula Unit Representative

Sonali Nicola

Song of Solomon Unit Representative

Melika Khoshneviszadeh

Song of Solomon Unit Representative

Mariah Chavez

Song of Solomon Unit Representative

Emuna Rouhani

Jazz Unit Representative