Mary Donlon Hall

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About Donlon

Welcome to Cornell and Mary Donlon Hall!

Mary Donlon Hall – named for one of the country’s first female judges, a Cornell alumna – is known for its sociable ambiance and close-knit community.  While an older building, Donlon stands out compared to other first year buildings because of the community that is built here.  Donlon is seen as one of the most social dorms, you will get to know  most of the people in the halls either through studying in the communal lounge on the floor, running into each other in the bathrooms or while going to or leaving class. The building  also has an expansive, light-filled first floor with seating areas, a lounge, and a library. The theater-style multipurpose room, with its large-screen TV, is a popular place for students to hang out and play Dance-Dance-Revolution, watch Monday Night Football, and have movie nights.

Community Features

Faculty and Community Engagement

Community and Faculty engagement is a large part of what makes Donlon special, and we have a large faculty and community involvement, from Community Dinners, Apple Picking, Hikes and Trips.

Donlon Hall Council

Donlon Hall council is a way to get involved in creating programs for the hall, advocating for student's needs within the hall and make a difference within Donlon over the year.

Donlon Library

Love reading, come by the Donlon Library! Books for personal reading as well as Textbooks to check out

House Rules

In order to establish a safe and inclusive community, all residence halls abide by the House Rules which provide guidelines for acceptable behavior in our community.