Minority Pre-Vet Mentorship Program

The Minority Animal Science Students club, in collaboration with the Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine and the Cornell Animal Science Diversity and Inclusion committee, created a unique mentorship program to support minority students on their journey to vet school.

What's it all about?

Make Connections

Mentees & Mentors are paired based on mutual interests or backgrounds. Vet students can offer advice, tips, and more to their undergraduate partner(s).

Find Opportunities

Find out where to look for and how to get internships and clinical hours. Mentors can guide their mentees towards opportunities in Ithaca and beyond!

Strengthen Community

Our meetings are often in the vet school, giving students a unique opportunity to see another side of campus and make friends in the CVM.

Why'd we get started?

The Minority Pre-Vet Mentorship Program was created in response to the "leaky pipeline" phenomenon in veterinary school admissions. While there is a nationwide increase in the number of minority students attending undergraduate pre-veterinary programs, these students are still less likely to attend veterinary school than their peers. This program seeks to close this gap by providing Cornell students with support, mentorship, and resources that will help them along their journey to veterinary school. Since its unveiling in spring 2022, the program has grown to serve nearly 35 undergraduates.

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