Minority Animal Science Students

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About Us

The primary focus of MASS (Minority Animal Science Students) is to support underrepresented minority students in the field of animal science. This organization understands the continuous struggle of minorities pursuing a future in animal studies, including lack of representation in the field. It shall be the goal of MASS to consciously support these students in the animal science division of undergraduate studies at Cornell University and encourage their success.

Events & Activities

MASS offers opportunities for community building, professional development, networking, and more. Check it out!

Minority Pre-Vet Mentorship Program

MASS partnered with the Animal Science Department and Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine to develop a mentorship program for minority students on the pre-vet track.

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MASS is dedicated to supporting students from many minority identities. However you identify, MASS is here to support you!

Our Team

Brandon Garcia
Marissa De Leon
Mary Jane Elias
Ariana Rivera Corona
Social Media Chair
Manny Cortes Romero
Carlos Rios
Alexis Gutierrez
Opportunity Chair
Kristen Dookie
Kristan Reed

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