Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What languages are there at Language Corner?

The most frequent ones are Spanish, Japanese, French, Portuguese, Russian, German, Mandarin, and Korean. We sometimes have English, Hindi, and ASL as well.

Q: Do I have to be enrolled in a language course at Cornell?

No! Anyone interested in practicing languages can come.

Q: What level do I have to be at my target language? Can I join Language Corner if I have no experience in a language?

All levels are welcome. Feel free to come an immerse yourself in conversation! We have all sorts of skill ranges, and we teach and learn from each other.

While we do not offer tutoring, we do send our members resources on language tutoring and available language courses at Cornell.

Q: Can anyone show up at Language Corner?

Yes! Just register for events on Campus Groups first. You can join through Campus Groups, or you can join our Listserv by sending an email to with the subject "join" and a blank message.

Q: Will there be teachers/professors at Language Corner?

Not usually. This is an informal event, so usually there are not any professors there. But we all teach and learn from each other!

Q: How often/where/when do Language Corners meet?

Language Corners meet weekly on Fridays from 4:30pm-5:30pm in the Language Resource Center (Stimson G25)! See Language Corners for the full list of meeting dates!

Q: Do I have to come to all the sessions?

No! You can come to any of the dates you want.

Q: Do I have to stay for the entire duration?

No! You can come and leave whenever you want (but we’d love for you to stay the whole time!)

FAQs for Spring 2022

Q: Will Language Corners be in person?

Yes! Language Corners are in person for Spring 2022. See Join Us for how to join our group chat and listserv for the latest updates.

Q: Will Language Corners be held during or right before school breaks?

No. Language Corners will not be held on February 25th, April 1st, or April 8th. See Language Corners for a full list of dates.

Q: I’m on the listserv and receive LEP emails. Am I a member?

Not yet. You should officially join the LEP through Campus Groups!

Q: Is the LEP only available to undergraduate students?

No! Though we are an undergraduate program, we welcome all members of the Cornell community, including graduate students and faculty, to our Language Corners.

Language Resource Center

Provides flexible physical and virtual spaces, facilitates access to resources, and advocates best practices for language learning.

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Cornell University Deaf Awareness Project: creates awareness by educating members on ASL and the Deaf community.

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Cornell Health

Offers a telephone-based language translation service with over 200 languages for students who feel more comfortable talking to their health care provider in their native language.

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