About Us

Our Mission

The Language Expansion Program is a student-run program of the David M. Einhorn Center for Community Engagement.

Through our weekly Language Corners, we provide a welcoming, encouraging, and fun environment for students to gather and practice their target languages. Some common ones include Spanish, Japanese, and French. Run mostly by students, we converse in our target languages in a casual setting and learn from each other. All levels are welcome, and you can drop by any session at any time!

Our goal is to promote cultural understanding and language exchange within the Cornell community.


In honor of the program’s 25th anniversary, the name was officially reverted back to Language Expansion Program due to the discontinued use of pairing practices. Now, the program focuses on promoting language learning and practice through weekly Language Corners. LEP continues its partnership with TIP.


LPP began functioning on its own, and expanded the outreach program into its own board, Families with Children of Culture (FCC).


In 1999, Fatema Sumar (LEP/TIP alumna and former Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs) recognized the need for emergency translation services during a fire in the Ithaca Commons. As a result, the Translator-Interpreter Program (TIP) grew out of the old LEP to better focus on translation and interpretation. LEP became the Language Pairing Program (LPP), which dealt solely with language pairing duties.

Language Expansion Program

Join us and attend our weekly language corners!