GPSAFC Funding Guidelines

Click the link below to access the GPSAFC Funding Guidelines.

**Note for Summer budgets** All Summer budgets must be submitted to CampusGroups by May 28th, 2021. Summer budgets must not exceed 15% of your groups allocation for the academic year.

Current GPSAFC Funding Guidelines

Permanent updates were made to the guidelines in 2020-2021, including that items of under $75 in value that are not cash or gift cards may be given as prizes and that alcohol cannot be distributed by groups or group officers:

2020-2021 Permanent Changes

Note that there are also 2020-2021 COVID-related FC policies in effect that supersede the Guidelines where relevant:

2020-2021 COVID Policies

To request a budget cancellation, change in allocation, or category transfer due to exceptional circumstances, please use this form. (You will need to be logged in to CampusGroups to access the form.)