Resources for Black Lives Matter & Beyond

Make your voice count by amplifying those of others. Read below for ways to educate yourself, contribute to the movement, and take further steps for the future.

National Organizations:

Black Lives Matter

BLM news, places to donate, petitions to sign, black artists to support, and continuing actions. Learn more about voting in upcoming elections and issues to support under-served communities.

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Cornell Students For Black Lives

Cornell for Black Lives is a coalition and active fundraiser started by student groups, raising money and funds for both local and national organizations.

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Southside Community Center

SCC affirms, empowers, and fosters the development of self-pride among the African-American citizens of greater Ithaca. Through forums and activities in education, recreation, political and social awareness, the Southside Community Center is a community resource center. They serve as a vehicle to develop an appreciation for the contributions and presence of those peoples of African descent in the greater Ithaca community and in the larger world community.

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American Civil Liberties Union

Learn about pressing civil liberties issues, the history of the ACLU in court, and donate to demand justice. Find your local ACLU website to contact local governors and take action to pass legislation.

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Inequalities Minor

The Minor in Inequality Studies, offered by Cornell University’s Center for the Study of Inequality, exposes students to scholarship on inequality through a breadth of approaches, methods, and topics while allowing them to tailor the program to their particular interests. The Minor in Inequality Studies is appropriate for students interested in public and private sector employment, policy, and civil society, as well as for those who wish to pursue graduate and professional degrees in a variety of fields.

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Multicultural Resource Center

MRC was founded to address the lack of ethnic, cultural cross-community understanding in schools and communities in Ithaca by starting a multicultural resource library located in the Beverly J. Martin public elementary school.

MRC engages in cultural and systemic transformation by building with our communities to eliminate barriers to racial justice, cultural dignity, equity and inclusion, and indigenous rights.

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