About Us

The Cross-Cultural Adoptee Mentorship Program (C-CAMP) is a student-run outreach organization at Cornell University. We operate under the Cornell University Public Service Center (PSC) and are funded by the Student Assembly Finance Commission (SAFC).

Founded in 2007 to promote cultural education and awareness of transracially adopted youth in Tompkins County, the program matches Cornell students with cross-culturally adopted children who share the same culture and heritage. In doing so, we work to foster sustainable mentor-mentee relationships that encourage a mutual exploration of their race, ethnicity, culture and language (where applicable) in order to deepen their connection with their ethnicity and culture. In addition to individualized relationships, C-CAMP regularly hosts public outreach events that continually integrate our mission of cross-cultural education and growth into the broader Ithaca and Tompkins County community. We strive to foster these connections not only to make a difference in the lives of cross-cultural families, but to increase knowledge of the impacts of transracial adoption as a whole.