Alternative Breaks

A commitment to social justice, community engagement, and racial equity.

Application Due Wednesday, September 27th @12:00 NOON

The program application can be found here.

About Us

Alternative Breaks is a student-led program of  the Einhorn Center for Community Engagement. We are motivated students who share a commitment to social justice, personal growth, and community engagement. Through educational opportunities, root cause analyses, reflection, and reciprocal engagement with community agencies, we demonstrate our commitment to addressing social justice issues using a racial lens. By examining racial disparities across all systems, we work to shift the societal narratives perpetuated by implicit biases, stereotypes, and institutional discrimination. Informed by the knowledge and expertise of our partner agencies, we seek to amplify their voices by raising awareness of systemic patterns disproportionately affecting disadvantaged communities.

Apply To Be A Trip Leader

Apply to be a trip leader as we relaunch the Alternative Breaks Program! Applications are due Monday, September 27h @ 12 NOON .

Social Justice Issues

  • Commercial Sexual Exploitation
  • LGBTQIA+ Homelessness
  • Domestic Violence
  • Food Insecurity & Food Deserts
  • Educational Opportunity Gap
  • De-stigmatizing Mental Illness
  • Tenant Organizing
  • Single Mothers in Need
  • Physical Disability & Therapeutic Horsemanship
  • High Quality Education for At-Promised Youth

This organization is a registered student organization of Cornell University.