Our Mission Statement

To provide women of color within Cornell Athletics a support network and space to share their experiences. We seek to stimulate the acceptance of cultural identities and celebrate the strength, brains and uniqueness that empowers women of color in their pursuit of being both a successful student and athlete at the highest level.

Our Team

Laken Gallman Profile

Laken Gallman

Director of Finance
Alyson Murphy Profile

Alyson Murphy

Working with Minors Staff
Paula Griffin Profile

Paula Griffin

Working with Minors Staff
Ben Peters Profile

Ben Peters

Primary Funding Board Consultant
Alejandra Brotherton Profile

Alejandra Brotherton

Community Outreach
Reinna Gabriel Profile

Reinna Gabriel

Recruitment Officer
Megan Bickel Profile

Megan Bickel

Recruitment Officer
Madelyn Packer Profile

Madelyn Packer

Director of Social Media and Marketing
Devan Carrington Profile

Devan Carrington

Tia Taylor Profile

Tia Taylor