From: Club Sports Council
Date: September 15, 2022
Subject: [Club Sports] Space Reservation, Tournament Fund Updat

Dear Club Sports Officers,

As many of you have started your seasons or are beginning to prepare for your season to begin, we have some important updates to share with you about space reservation, the tournament fund and tryouts/practices. This email is sent to all current Club Sports officers and advisors.

Space Reservations: Round 2 for Club Practices

Cornell Recreation shared with us an update list of available spaces on campus. Click this link to see remaining availability and to access the request form.

Space Reservations: Feedback Requested

Club Sports Council is hoping to improve our space reservation systems so we can better meet the needs of all of our organizations and hopefully make more spaces available on-campus for club sports use. In order to do so, we need to understand what your organization's current facility needs are and how they are being met or not being met. Please fill out this form to disclose changes that you would like to see so that we can improve our system and try to make more space available!

Tournament Fund

The Tournament/Game fund will be opening today! In order to receive access to the fund club officers will have to submit a short survey. While this fund was intended to cover tournaments, we have since expanded it to all games, travel, and facility rental. This was done in order to accommodate the budget short comings that many club sports were reporting. This survey to gain access to the fund includes specific information as to how much money you may receive and regulations regarding what is and what isn’t covered.


Since many of you have started practicing or are now holding tryouts, we would like to once again emphasize that any individuals that participate in your club's activities, including tryouts, must sign the safety waiver on CampusGroups before they participate. If you need a reminder on how the safety waivers are signed, please visit this site


Cornell Club Sports Council