All students must complete an online waiver prior to participating in any Club Sport activity. This includes try-outs, membership, games, tournaments, and more. This page has information on different waivers and what needs to be completed.

Club Sports Members

All club members (new and returning) will have to sign a club waiver through CampusGroups. You will still need to do this if you are a returning member or officer! Please follow the below steps to access the waiver. Click the above link for a slide deck with additional details.

List of Activity Waivers

  1. Click the above link to the list of activity waivers.
  2. Find your group name on the list and click the category title once you have identified which category your group is.
  3. Review the waiver information and sign your name to verify you understand the "Agreement to Assume Risk and Waive Claims" document and what you are agreeing to and liable for.

Non-members attending try-outs or a specific event

For non-members who are attending a try-out session or an active event, they will need to sign the same waiver as above for the club sport they are trying out for.

Participants not part of the Cornell community

Some organizations invite non-Cornell affiliated folks to participate in Club Sports. The above waivers will not work for folks who are not current currents, staff, and faculty. If you have any member or participant that is not a current Cornell community member, please email activities@cornell.edu with the details of your organization and event, as well as contact information for the person and their affiliation with the club.