Opportunities to Get Involved on Southwest Campus

South Campus Community Council (SCCC)

Interested in becoming a leader among your peers in your community? Join community council! SCCC is now accepting general body members and Executive Board members. Advocate for issues or concerns that are important to you and your fellow residents, gain leadership skills, collaborate with other SCCC to host residence hall programs, and make life-long friends!

Please email RHD Jess Cherry at jc2783@cornell.edu if you have questions or are interested in joining SCCC.

Peer Review Board (PRB)

The PRB is made up of students who adjudicate House Rules conduct cases. They do this by engaging in peer-to-peer dialog about community impact and holding hearings with students who are referred to the PRB for House Rules violations, members of the PRB help uphold students' rights and foster safe and respectful communities. The mission of the PRB is to "educate, not punish." The application to become a general member of the PRB is due on September 2, 2022 at 11:59pm and can be accessed, here: https://cornell.campusgroups.com/survey?survey_uid=2a293887-d668-11ea-bc6e-0a85c368333a

All questions about PRB can be directed to RHD Jess Cherry at jc2783@cornell.edu.