Students Onto Scholars

We are a student-run organization in the Einhorn Center for Community Engagement that aims to provide educational and academic resources to local high school students


About Us

Students Onto Scholars (SOS) for Education's mission is to combat educational inequities and opportunity gaps by funding academic resources and supporting high school students of the Ithaca community. Through mentorship and development of community ties, we aim to inspire and in turn be inspired to make long-lasting, positive impacts on education.

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Our Current Projects

We are currently excited about our collaboration with a program called ACE (Access to College Education) that is run by Erica Shockley at SUNY Cortland. With ACE, we have and will continue to host college panels for high school students in the Ithaca and Tompkins County area. In these panels, we talk about topics ranging from figuring out how, when, and where to apply to college, to obtaining financial aid and scholarships to dealing with mental health in college. We plan on continuing these panels this year in addition to potentially starting a peer mentorship program with informal office hours for these local high schoolers! We are also planning on creating a virtual SOS newsletter with a broad range of topics including education inequality and transitioning back from virtual learning to in-person learning.

Our E-board

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Bethany Resnick

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Also check out our college guide for high school students!

We created this college guide in 2019 for any high school student, and especially those who are from underrepresented populations and have less access to educational resources. We are planning on updating the guide this year, though, since a few things have changed over the past couple of years!

This organization is a Registered Student Organization of Cornell University