The Math Support Center

MSC Schedule and Meeting Link:
An Academic Resources Fair, hosted by the Tatkon Center will start on Wed, Feb 10 at 4:30pm.:

The Math Support Center (MSC) is a safe, congenial place to do Math. Free tutoring is available for all undergraduate classes in which Math arises.

  • Who We Are:
    Most of the MSC tutors are undergraduates. We also engage volunteer community members and  faculty.
  • What We Do:
    The MSC (Math Support Center) provides primarily Math related assistance in all STEM subjects to members of the Cornell Community. In general, we try to be helpful in any way we can. Most of our tutors are undergraduates. We also engage volunteer community members and faculty. The MSC is a safe place to make the mistakes so essential to real learning. In the MSC we work together to help students and one another tackle challenging problems posed by our Faculty; to master the idiosyncrasies of on- line Math teaching software; to troubleshoot computer issues; to find a geometric approach when an analytic solution first presented itself and vice-versa; to model how to write solutions; to build and reinforce confidence in one another; and to find humor whenever and wherever possible. The ebb and flow of activity in the MSC also provides opportunities to get to know one another through more casual interactions.
  • How We Do It:
    In March of 2020 the MSC migrated from its physical home in a single large room, 256 Malott, to a completely on-line presence using Zoom. We have managed to recreate many of the desirable features of the physical MSC in the virtual environment.