The High Rises: Jameson Hall and High Rise 5

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About the High Rises

The High Rises are two buildings that join together to create one community. Jameson Hall and High Rise 5 are first-year residential halls on the North Campus of Cornell University. Opening their doors in 1974, the High Rises are a close-knit community with proud traditions.

At the top of each High Rise building is an expansive lounge, called the Sky Lounge, with table tennis, lounge chairs, and televisions. Each building also has a laundry room, bike room, and 5 floors of residential suites. There is also a library specifically for High Rises residents located on the ground floor of Jameson Hall.

Residential floors are divided into six suites with each suite having two singles, a double, a triple, and a shared bathroom. In addition to the Sky Lounge on the top floor, each residential floor also has a lounge equipped with sofas and tables for group studying and relaxing. Each residential floor also has a kitchen with a stovetop, oven, and refrigerator.

Each residential floor has a resident advisor who is an undergraduate or graduate student. These resident advisors make sure residents in the community are safe, and create engaging programs.

Faculty involvement:

In addition to resident advisors, the High Rises have 6 associated Faculty Fellows who are faculty in a number of fields including romance studies, molecular biology and genetics, biomedical sciences, asian studies, and performance studies. These faculty fellows create close relationships with High Rises residents through programs on- and off-campus to concerts, museums, films, lectures, and other places of interest.

Community Features:

  • Open to first-year students
  • 450+ residents
  • Located on North Campus
  • Single, double, and triple rooms arranged in suites with a shared bathroom
  • Floor lounges, bike room, community library, and laundry facilities
  • A Sky Lounge in both buildings, each with some of the best views on campus
  • Wireless Internet access
  • For each occupant, bedrooms contain: an extra-long twin bed, a desk, desk chair, desk light, wastebasket, and a closet and bureau (or a wardrobe/bureau combination)
  • High Rise rooms do not have air conditioning









A look inside the High Rises

Events & Activities

Attend programs created by High Rise resident advisors and faculty fellows. Past programs include: a trip to the MET in NYC, Midnight Breakfast, Ice Cream Exploration, and apple picking.


Live in a close-knit community with other first-year students at Cornell. The multitude of lounges give room for residents to study together and have fun. The suite arrangement helps make the large Cornell campus feel a little bit smaller.


Resident advisors and supporting staff facilitate inclusion for all regardless of social identity. This priority of inclusion is directly connected to the vision Cornell was originally founded on of "any person... any study".

P: (607) 255-8645

The High Rises: Jameson Hall and High Rise 5

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