Even if you don't live in HILC, you can still be a part of our wonderful community!

Perks of being an Out-of-House Member:

  • Card access to HILC
  • Added to the HILC listserv
  • Added to our Campus Groups page
  • Ability to use all of our common spaces:
  • HILC Main Lounge (ping pong, pool, TV, study spaces)
  • Laundry (use of laundry facilities requires a laundry account)
  • Unit/community kitchens
  • Study lounges
  • Access to programs put on by HILC, including RA programs, Hall Council programs, Faculty Fellow programs, and trips to NYC/other areas outside of Ithaca!
  • Higher priority to move into HILC during the housing lottery process if you've been an active and engaged OOH Member
  • Cost of being an OOH Member
  • $15 for the year, paid through Bursar
  • Tight on finances? Talk with RHD Shannon Sy (hilc@cornell.edu) and she can help you work out an individualized payment plan that works with your personal budget

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