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About HILC

HILC is dedicated to creating a globally conscious community. Originally conceived as a space to matriculate international students into Cornell, HILC has grown to encompass more. Our residents are both international and domestic students, from multicultural families, and students with experience and interest in the international community. HILC encourages its residents to be active participants in an internationally focused community by educating others, sharing experiences, and appreciating all cultures represented. HILC strives to be a hub of international life and global engagement on the Cornell campus.

In 1970 the International Living Center opened its doors to Cornell students from all around the world. Renamed the Jerome H. Holland International Living Center in 1985 after Jerome "Brud" Holland ('39 & '41) and is now known mainly as HILC. This dynamic community is a home away from home for more than 160 students. Jerome Holland was the US Ambassador to Sweden among many other accomplishments and had a strong commitment to international issues. HILC is part of his legacy.

International students and domestic students share rooms, stories, and their lives in HILC. You can walk down the hall and meet someone from the other side of the world. Undergraduate students of all class years live here and help one another learn about Cornell, Ithaca, and the US.

We know you will come to love HILC as much as our current residents and alumni have!