The Tea-m

Hannah Si


Hello! I'm a senior studying environmental engineering in the College of Engineering. Outside of Global Tea Club, I'm also involved in the AguaClara Cornell project team and Chinese Bible Study. My favorite teas are earl grey and chai -- gotta love that ~spice~ :)

Meili Bowden


Hi! I'm a sophomore studying mechanical engineering and I am very excited to be the secretary for Global Tea Club this year. Beyond GTC, Chinese Bible Study, undergraduate research, and the daily challenges of being a student, I really enjoy winding down with a cup of chamomile tea :D

Clara Song


I'm a senior in computer science with a lot of time on my hands. Also in my hands is the best bowl of udon in the world from Yume Ga Arukara in Boston, MA. It translates to "Because I Have a Dream" and the shop's story and udon gave me the passion to look for my own dream. I like tea you can put milk in, like black tea \o/

Eliza Gifford

Inter-Community Lead

Hi! I’m a CALS freshman studying environment and sustainability and I’m super excited to be a part of the GTC this semester! So far, I’ve mainly been involved with Cornell Thrift and the Food Recovery Network on campus. As a night owl (and a procrastinator), I’m partial to matcha or masala chai for a boost before 9 am classes.

Zandt Lavish

Program and Media Designer

Hey! I’m a BFA sophomore practicing art and design with a focused study on the maths and sciences via my electives. I’m thrilled to be experiencing my first semester on the GTC team! Personally I'm a Jasmine Pearl kinda guy with some Chi Masala now and again.