Coming Up

How will events and meetings be held during COVID-19?

According to Cornell's Coronavirus Guidelines for Meetings & Events, food and beverages are not allowed at in-person events or meetings. Considering this restriction, we'll be holding all meetings for the Fall 2020 semester virtually, so that as many people as possible can enjoy the experience of tea from the safety of their residences.

Can I participate off-campus / online?

Yes, you can participate in our virtual events from anywhere during Fall 2020 semester! However, you must have a Cornell CampusGroups account to register for and attend events. Also, we'll be looking forward to sending out tea kits to our members this semester!

Tea Sources in Ithaca

Below is a list of nearby locations we recommend for purchasing tea. Please contact us if you have any corrections or other recommendations!

Store Location Teas Available
Bear Necessities North Campus Lipton tea bags (black tea) or a cup of Tazo tea (assorted teas)
Jansen's Market West Campus Lipton tea bags (black tea) or a cup of Tazo tea (assorted teas)
7-Eleven 409 College Avenue Tazo and Twinings assorted teas
Greenstar Food Co+op 207 College Avenue Assorted teas, including medicinal
Green Castle Asian Market 321 Eddy Street Assorted Asian teas