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We will be hosting our next EDS talk of the semester on Friday, April 16nd.  Please join us at 12 pm to hear Professor Irfan Siddiqi's talk entitled "Implementation of a Canonical Phase Measurement with Quantum Feedback".  Irfan Siddiqi is a Faculty Scientist at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and a Professor of Physics at the University of California, Berkeley. Siddiqi and his research group, the Quantum Nanoelectronics Laboratory, focus on the development of advanced superconducting circuits for quantum information processing, including computation and metrology. Siddiqi is known for key contributions to quantum measurement science, including real time observations of wavefunction collapse, tests of the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, quantum feedback, and the development of a range of microwave frequency, quantum noise limited amplifiers and detectors.

DATE: April 16, 2021

TIME: 12:00PM

LOCATION: Zoom (see COVID info below)


In order to provide a safe environment for speakers and audience members, we will be conducting all EDS talks over Zoom for the forseeable future. In order to provide additional security for these online meetings, we will be primarily sharing the meeting ID and password through our listserv. PLEASE, PLEASE subscribe to the listserv (see Join Us below or the separate Join EDS tab) for information on how to subscribe. We will not be posting the meeting information on the website or on Facebook at this time.

About Us

The primary purpose of the society is to meet every week to listen to a colleague explain his or her research. This creates valuable opportunities for researchers to practice giving technical presentations and to generate new research collaborations. Additional guest speakers from inside or outside Cornell may be invited to speak on technical or non-technical topics of interest to the EDS community. Occasional social events may be organized through EDS but the primary purpose is to generate scholarly discussion of science and engineering.

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