The Caribbean Students' Association

The only all-encompassing Caribbean organization on Cornell's campus for undergraduate students, also accepting membership for graduate students, staff and faculty members.

This organization is a registered student organization of Cornell University.


About the CSA

The purpose of the CSA is to raise the level of awareness at Cornell University, and in the surrounding colleges and community, of the cultural diversity of all Caribbean nations. This organization represents the views, beliefs, culture, and politics of the Caribbean students, staff, and faculty. We strive to celebrate Caribbean culture and create a safe space for students who identify with Caribbean culture to embrace and share their culture.









Members Benefits

Members of CSA are able to attend all events, programs, and general body meetings. They are also able to join the events and/ or public relations committees to assist the CSA in less demanding roles

Events & Activities

The CSA hosts, participates in, and sponsors events that are for the whole Cornell Community to embrace Caribbean culture in some way. Open to suggestions as well!

CSA Committees

Join by being a part of one of our committees, there are various benefits that come with them as well, including  verified volunteer hours,  & in certain cases, first dibs. Application Here

The Executive Board

Zack Desrosiers-Victorin Profile

Zack Desrosiers-Victorin

Primary Funding Board Consultant
Alianna Wray Profile

Alianna Wray

Akua Robinson Profile

Akua Robinson

Abby Regis Profile

Abby Regis

Kobe Forbes Profile

Kobe Forbes

Darielis Rodriguez Peralta Profile

Darielis Rodriguez Peralta

VP of Treasury
Sophia Pierre Profile

Sophia Pierre

Freshman Representative
Katrina Greene Profile

Katrina Greene

VP of External Affairs
Ernesto Bassi Arevalo Profile

Ernesto Bassi Arevalo

Jade Dubuche Profile

Jade Dubuche

Freshman Representative
Nathan Smith Profile

Nathan Smith

VP of Programming
Justin Paris Profile

Justin Paris

VP of Public Relations
Aishah Abdul-Hakeem Profile

Aishah Abdul-Hakeem

Public Relations Officer
Aleeka Prophet Profile

Aleeka Prophet

Director of External Affairs
Denise Rose Profile

Denise Rose

Director of Programming

P: 6072554625

Caribbean Students' Association

310 Triphammer Road
Ithaca NEW 14853