CHR hopes you are all staying safe and healthy during this uncertain period. We realize that this is a hard time for many of our community members between businesses closing and residents/students losing their sources of income. During this time it is most important to lean on each other as a community, so we send our love and best wishes.

While many of our board members have returned home, we want to continue to connect individuals in Tompkins County with the resources they need. The Friendship Donations Network and Food Bank of the Southern Tier have compiled lists of updated food distribution efforts in the area that we have included below (you can also find more information on our resources page). We will be continuing to update our website and social media platforms with various resources as they arise.

Friendship Donations Network Food Listing - click here

Food Bank of the Southern Tier - click here

Cornell Hunger Relief works to learn about current local and national hunger issues and to alleviate food insecurity in Ithaca and Tompkins County by facilitating food drives to benefit local food pantries.


CHR is a program of Cornell's Public Service Center that works throughout the year to achieve three primary objectives:

1. We work to raise to learn about local hunger issues and to educate the Cornell community on the issue of food insecurity in Ithaca and Tompkins County.

2. Throughout the year, we also participate in Mobile Food Pantry visits through the Food Bank of the Southern Tier. As part of these visits, we help distribute food to community members in need. Most recently, we volunteered with the Mobile Food Pantry to distribute fresh produce and other grocery items at the Salvation Army in Downtown Ithaca.

3. During the Spring semester, we run our Big Red Food Drive. The Big Red Food Drive is our campus-wide food donation effort that encourages students to use the unspent BRBs they have at the end of the year to purchase non-perishable food items that we then donate to Tompkins County residents who are unable to obtain enough food for themselves. We also encourage students to donate excess food items from their dorm rooms and apartments to this end-of-year food drive.

Our Team

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Publicity Officer

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