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Friendship Donations Network

Friendship Donations Network (FDN) provides donations of fresh food to the programs listed at the above link. Call before you go to confirm schedule and verify new pickup procedures.

Contact FDN via email at or call 607-216-9522 if you would like to donate food or help distribute food.

Loaves & Fishes of Tompkins County Takeout Meals

Founded in 1983, Loaves & Fishes is located in St. John’s Episcopal Church. We are grateful for their steadfast support. Loaves & Fishes is Tompkins County’s only community kitchen serving free meals Monday through Friday.

Meals are available for take-out for individuals. Deliveries are available for families/people, please call ahead.



St. John's Community Service Food Pantry


In November of 2018, St. John’s began outreach and services to people experiencing homelessness and hunger in Ithaca, New York. In February alone, our shelter in Ithaca supported over 425 individuals. Simultaneously, the food pantry served 1,500 meals to 140 adults and 28 children. This work provides immediate support for those who need it most.

LOCATION: St. John's Community Service,618 W. State St Ithaca NY 14850

Tompkins Food Task Force


Find information on food delivery services, volunteering, food safety, and school programs within Tompkins County.

Cornell Food Pantry

The Cornell Food Pantry offers free, confidential access to food and personal care items. Open Tuesday and Thursday 4-7pm, Wednesday and Friday 10am-1pm, and Sunday 12-3pm. Located at 109 McGraw Place, across Alice Cook House.

Contact Info:

Enroll to participate: Visit

Food Bank of the Southern Tier

9/3/20 Update: As schools and our volunteer program re-open, the Food Bank will be transitioning from our large Community Food Distributions to some of our regular Mobile Food Pantry locations. These events will continue to be drive-thrus and pre-registration will continue to be required to attend any of these events. Registration will be open one weekday before the event between 8am and 4pm.

We also encourage community members to visit their local food pantry if possible. Visit FBST's Food Finder for a list of pantries.

Call 2-1-1 to find a food pantry or one of our programs near you. 2-1-1 is a free and confidential service that helps people across North America find the local resources they need. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week!

Mutual Aid Tompkins Food Sharing Cabinets

What are Food Cabinets?

Community members have set up outdoor food cabinets across the county. These cabinets are regularly stocked with non-perishable food, and are open to anyone.

Stay Up to Date

Join our Food Sharing Cabinet Facebook Group so you can stay up to date on what cabinets need refilling and what cabinets are offering.

Contact info

We want to hear your stories! Submit them here to see them posted on the Mutual Aid Tompkins Instagram page.

General inquiries:

Older adult working group:

Phone: (607) 288-3252

Facebook: Mutual Aid Tompkins

Instagram: Mutual Aid Tompkins


(Produce & Perishables)


411 South Plain St, Ithaca (cooler only)

309 Siena Dr, Ithaca


1775 Trumansburg Rd, Trumansburg (cooler & cabinet)


Varna Community Center: 943 Dryden Road, Ithaca, NY (cooler & heated cabinet)


Poet’s Landing (Laundry Room): 4 TS Eliot Dr Dryden (refrigerator & cabinet)

87 W Main St, Dryden (cooler)



Central Ithaca

307 W State Street

Multicultural Resource Center: 516 W State Street

123 Sears Street, Ithaca, NY

Alice Miller & Franklin: 520 Alice Miller Way

Aurora St Pocket Neighborhood (519 N Aurora St)

Recycle Ithaca’s Bicycles: 530 W Buffalo St.

East Ithaca

Bethel Grove Bible Church: 1763 Slaterville Rd, Ithaca, NY

North Ithaca

St. Catherine of Siena Church: 309 Siena Dr.

128 Muriel St. Ithaca, NY

321 Blackstone Ave, Ithaca, NY (food, toiletries, school supplies and little free library)

West Ithaca

Ithaca Free Clinic: 521 W Seneca St

806 W Buffalo St (Corner of Buffalo St & Taughannock Blvd)

101 Brookfield Rd (Corner of Brookfield Rd & Cliff St)

Overlook Apartments, 200 W Hill Cir

306 Elm St (a block away from West Village Apartments)

101 Conifer Circle (Linderman Creek Apts)

West Village Apartments

  • Upper Level - Passageway under far stairwell, under large ramp
  • Mid Level - Outside laundry room

South Hill

Tompkins Community Action: 701 Spencer Road

South Hill Elementary School: 520 Hudson St

411 South Plain St, Ithaca, NY (cooler only)


Brooktondale Community Center: 524 Valley Rd, Brooktondale, NY


Congregational Church - 134 Main St, Candor, NY


Visit the Cortland County Mutual Aid website for more information about their ongoing projects:

48 Penguin Drive, Cortland, NY

5 Pierce Street Cortland, NY

The Corset Building: 75 E. Court Street, Cortland, NY

Really Free Market - Cortland Free Library - 32 Church St (Court St Entrance) - 2nd & 4th Tuesdays, 5:30 - 7:00PM More information at


25 Maple Ave, West Danby, NY

Coddington Road Community Center: 920 Coddington Rd, Ithaca, NY


Varna Community Center: 943 Dryden Road, Ithaca, NY - cooler with perishables and heated cabinet as well!

Montgomery Park: Elm St, Dryden, NY

Asbury Church: 87 West Main Street, Dryden, NY - cooler

Poet’s Landing (Laundry Room): 4 TS Eliot Dr Dryden, NY - cabinet & refrigerator


Enfield Main: 182 Enfield Main Road, Enfield, NY

The Learning Farm: 272 Enfield Falls Rd, Ithaca, NY

Enfield Elementary: 20 Enfield Main Rd


Etna Fire Department: 26 Wood Rd Freeville, NY


Covenant Love School: 1768 Dryden Rd, Freeville, NY

Freeville Village Hall: 5 Factory St, Freeville, NY

510 Asbury Rd, Freeville, NY

Lehigh Crossing Apartments: 15 Cook St

Holy Cross Parish: 375 George Rd

Congers Mobile Home Park: 87 Kirk Rd


Saint Anthony Parish: 312 Locke Rd


739 Rt. 221 Marathon Rd


Parker Manor: 6460 Rt. 41

Cold Brook Park: 6166 Cold Brook Rd

United Methodist Church: 6816 Rt. 41


All Saints Church: 347 Ridge Road

29 Auburn Road, Lansing, NY

The Meadows Townhomes: 100 Graham Rd

DeWitt Middle School: 560 Warren Rd


Elm Tree Inn: 2 McLean Road


2 Douglas Road Newfield, NY


Slaterville Fire Department: 2681 Slaterville Rd, Slaterville Springs, NY


1775 Trumansburg Road, Ithaca, NY 14850 - cooler with perishables here as well!

16 E Main St, Trumansburg, NY

Jacksonville Methodist Church: 1869 Trumansburg Rd


Pavilion behind Town Hall: 3728 Rt 13, Truxton, NY


State Route 215 between house numbers 2876 and 2890. (2886 seems to work as a good house number if you are using a GPS)