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Barbara McClintock Hall is part of Cornell's First-Year Experience, and will house first-year students.

McClintock Hall is named in honor of Cornell 1923-1927 graduate, Nobel Prize winner Barbara McClintock.

Through creative floor plans, McClintock Hall provides living spaces with a modern aesthetic that enhances the residential experience and encourages interaction and collaboration among students. McClintock Hall aims to draw students out of their individual rooms and into ample common areas that support group study, social interaction, and programs in spacious lounges and nearby cafés. McClintock Hall's Residence Hall Director, Faculty-in-Residence member, and Resident Advisors will host programs and activities for all interests that help students meet new friends and make connections to the university community.

For 2023-24, Barbara McClintock Hall will house the all-female and non-binary identified experience traditionally housed in Balch Hall, which is currently closed for renovation. Self-governance--long a tradition for Cornell women--is well established in this community, with plenty of leadership opportunities. The student-driven Community Council arranges programs and events for residents, ranging from group outings to see plays or go apple picking to educational programs focused on women in the workplace, surviving academia at Cornell, sexuality and relationship development, and body image.









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Meeting new students with shared interest

Our Team

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Kristi Shorter

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Scott Voss

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Brandee Nicholson

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Kelly Kuehn

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Thoko Nyasulu

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Kristen Ciferri

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Nozomi Nishimura

Faculty in Residence
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Cristina Nieves

Residence Hall Director
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Abby Priehs

Director of Residential Life
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Margaret Frey

Custom Title Officer
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Julie Paige

Custom Title Officer
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Kath Fenzel

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Abha Razdan-Huckoo

Assistant Director


Barbara McClintock Hall

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