Art Beyond Cornell

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Our Mission Statement

Art Beyond Cornell is a student run organization that aims to bring new perspectives to both Cornell students and institutionalized youth by providing a means of self-expression, communication, and growth through art. We volunteer weekly at the MacCormick Secure Center (a high-security prison for men up to 21 years of age in Brooktondale, NY) and bring a wide range of art projects to the residents. By sharing these projects with the Cornell community, we hope to cultivate an awareness of the American carceral system, and specifically its consequences for youth, on Cornell's campus.

Events & Activities

Art Beyond Cornell hosts weekly art and writing sessions at MacCormick Secure Center in Brooktondale, NY.

Opportunities for Further Involvement

Get involved with Art Beyond Cornell's e-board or campus awareness events.

Community Outreach

Art Beyond Cornell hosts campus awareness events, such as lectures, movie screenings, and tabling.

This organization is a registered student organization of Cornell University.