The Assorted Aces

This organization is a registered student organization of Cornell University.

About Us

Established in 2016, The Assorted Aces is Cornell's first premiere dance troupe with a focus on molding absolute beginners into skilled dancers. When welcoming dancers, no dance experience is necessary; in fact, we prioritize students who are completely new to dancing. For our experienced dancers, we tailor to their needs by developing their technique, choreography, and leadership skills. Our mission is to offer the opportunity to both inexperienced and trained dancers to grow and develop in a supportive dance community.

Our Team

Michelle Yu Profile

Michelle Yu

Internals Director
Vivian Hsieh Profile

Vivian Hsieh

Crystal Shi Profile

Crystal Shi

Happy Chairs
Ashley Huang Profile

Ashley Huang

Performance Director
Ashley Chiang Profile

Ashley Chiang

Creative Director
Katherine Dorfman Profile

Katherine Dorfman

Dance Coordinator
Michael Le Profile

Michael Le

Social Chair
Tony Chen Profile

Tony Chen

Melissa Amoah Profile

Melissa Amoah

DEI Chair
Jac Mims Profile

Jac Mims

Dance Coordinator
Johann Lee Profile

Johann Lee

Primary Funding Board Consultant
Sinahy Fragoso-De la Paz Profile

Sinahy Fragoso-De la Paz

Happy Chairs
Sara Addai Profile

Sara Addai

Showcase Director
Dora Xu Profile

Dora Xu

Despair Chair